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Formed July 2012, Regal Zone is a is an ears-to-the-beat and feet-on-the-street online publication with a core concentration on underground and alternative subculture by way of new music, street fashion, celebrity doings, & nightlife events.

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16 July 12

Stylin’ & Wildin’: Jean Cardi Cacique

Living out the tagline, “Express yourself”, to the fullest is photographer and model, Jean Cardi Cacique. With a self-described look that cohesively blends his Haitian heritage along with casual Scandinavian style, Jean Cardi is a fashion force to be reckoned with.

Cacique has an infinite passion for color and rightfully so because he is super sharp and dazzling in each colorful look we’ve seen him wear. But, it was a recent post of his, “Kom tættere på. come closer”, that made our jaws drop. With a color scheme that is certainly a classic favorite of ours - black, grey, and ivory – Jean Cardi simply serves and slays! The accessories chosen for this look are dead-on. The silver lining of Jean’s Ray Bans complimenting the silver link chain, which fits perfectly around the neck of the grey button down is excellent!

  •  Sunglasses: Ray Ban 3016
  •  Shirt: Nike SB Flagrant Flannel
  •  Jeans: Diesel Safado Straight Jean
Regal Zone quickly chatted with Jean Cardi about his personal style.

Regal Zone: What is your favorite/signature color scheme?

Jean Cardi: I love the contrast between colors, love to see how different colors work together. One of my fav combination is a strong red color or a lighter blue mixed with white. 

RZ: What is your favorite clothing brand?

JC: That’s got to be the Danish upcoming brand ‘Soulland’ founded in 2002. It’s only a menswear brand by the way.

I mix this classic brand with for instance Kenzo, Diesel or Burberry which gives my looks an unique edge I will say

RZ: What is the biggest “stayer” this year in your personal collection?

JC: I have my cool pair of blue Burberry Trousers that cost about a $1000. Yeah! I’m crazy but they were certainly my best investments this year. They are like made for me I will say.

Many of my (Lookbook) friends and fans told me I look very smart and creative wearing them. That’s not a bad thing! (the trousers: BURBERRY PRORSUM: LINEN AND COTTON IKAT TROUSERS)

 Catch up with Jean Cardi on the web

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